Once More Into The Breach · 16 March 2005

By David Horowitz--03/17/05

The back and forth with the Soros' attack site MediaMatters has become so tedious that not even I the target am interested anymore. The only substantive issue in this matter is whether the exam question was an attempt to compel students to give a one-sided answer to a controversial question. The answer is obvioiusly yes. What is glaringly missing from all the MediaMatters blather (including their most recent post) is any attempt to address this question. As for all the factual disputes they boil down to 1) creating a mountain out of the molehill of this particular case (our campaign is based on hundreds of cases); 2) the misrepresentation of what we originally claimed -- e.g., we did not claim that the professor was a liberal; 3) the assumption that the university which has selectively released "facts" but never opened the records -- the actual exam, the actual grade -- to public scrutiny, is telling the truth.

I made a mistake when I conceded error, because as long as the university and professor do not provide the actual test and the grade, no one knows the facts and no one knows the grade. (No one knows whether the grade, e.g., was adjusted as a result of the student's appeal.) Hence, what I should have said is that I am unable to check these facts and am repeating the student's claims because I have no reason to doubt the veracity of those claims.

But we do know some things. 1) We know that MediaMatters falsely implied that I made the whole incident up. 2) We know that the university and the professor have supplied an exam question which basically confirms our claim that the exam was an exercise in indoctrination. This should close the case for all reasonable people.