Anti-Academic Freedom Campaign

The Strange and Dishonest Campaign Against Academic Freedom · 28 April 2005

By David

How the American Association of University Professors has lied about the contents and implications of the Academic Bill of Rights, and how the media has followed their lead.

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Truth for Dummies · 22 March 2005

Blog post from David Horowitz, 03/21/05

Some days ago, a clown named Billmon posted a satire on the academic freedom campaign revealing (inadvertently) how the left lives inside its own myths, an alternate reality from which it can never escape.

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The Power of PablumBy David Horowitz · 21 March 2005

Frontpagemag - 03/22/05

"In practice, say the Academic Bill of Rights' opponents, this pabulum could cripple academics' and universities' ability to teach."

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The Orwellian Left · 20 March 2005

A semiotically confused website called Whiskey Bar which is evidently the work of a historically challenged individual with the nom de net of "Billmon" has attempted a heavy-handed satire of the academic freedom for students movement.

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