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Indoctrination or Education? The 'Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution' Program at Ball State University
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Wolfe Lecture Counters No One but Himself · 02 November 2005

Kyle Ellis——11/02/05

On Monday, October 31, Peace and Conflict studies Professor George Wolfe presented a lecture advertised to use “Gandhian philosophy to counter David Horowitz and the new McCarthyism in various media.” The only person Wolfe countered was himself.

Read the lecture transcript .

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Lecture Transcript: George Wolfe on ‘New McCarthyism’ · 02 November 2005

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Ball State's Prof. Wolfe Continues Distortions · 02 November 2005

Ball State's Prof. Wolfe Continues Distortions
By David Horowitz--SAF--11/03/05

David Horowitz responds to Ball State University Prof. George Wolfe's repeated fabrications about his Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution course.

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Halloween Lecture by Conflict Studies Wolfe to Counter "New McCarthyism" in Media · 25 October 2005

By Kyle Ellis——10/20/05

Last year reported the bias agenda that Peace and Conflict Studies Professor George Wolfe displayed in his classroom.

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Ball State Ambush · 06 March 2005

By Justin

In Dr. Rouse's Political Science 350 class on Public Administration, you better toe the Party line.

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Freshman Indoctrination At Ball State · 24 January 2005

By Brett

A university attacks the fast-food industry on taxpayer dollars.

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Bill Seeks to stop Political 'Bias' at BSU · 24 January 2005

By Seth Slabaugh -- The Star Press 01/25/05

An academic bill of rights would be required at public universities if the bill is enacted.

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Response: Ball State's Critics Ignore Facts, Policies · 03 January 2005

By David Horowitz and Sara Dogan, 12/27/04

In her Reply to Ball State University President Jo Ann Gora's Statement that the Academic Bill of Rights is ...

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Ball State's Critics Ignore Facts, Policies · 03 January 2005

By Jo Ann Gora—Guest Column in the Muncie Star Press—12/15/04

Ball State’s President denies that Brett Mock was indoctrinated in Prof. George Wolfe’s peace studies class.

Read Sara Dogan’s response to this column.

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Ball State University Professor Under Fire For Allegations Of Bias · 25 December 2004

Associated Press, carried by WISH TV, 12/26/04

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