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Indoctrination or Education? The 'Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution' Program at Ball State University
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Ball State Students Create Website to Document Lack of Intellectual Diversity on Campus

Indiana Actions Press Coverage

Muncie Star Supports Ball State Inquiry · 13 December 2004

Editorial from the Muncie Star Press, 12/13/04

The Muncie Star Press comes out in support of academic freedom.

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The MSA is a Pro-Terror Organization · 13 December 2004

By Ben

A Ball State Islamist activist tells the local media we slandered his group and an innocent Peace Studies professor. It's time to set the record straight.

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Ball State Prof Says Terrorist Charges 'Shameful' and 'Absurd' · 29 November 2004

Peace Studies Under Siege
By Seth Slabaugh--Muncie Star Press--11/30/04

MUNCIE - One of the subjects taught by Ball State University professor George Wolfe - who directs the university's center for peace and conflict studies - is anger restraint.

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Recruiting for Terror at Ball State · 08 November 2004

By Thomas

University's Peace Studies Program offers a support network for anti-Americanism and terrorism.

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"One Man's Terrorist Is Another Man's Freedom Fighter" · 07 November 2004

By David

A university provost defends professorial incompetence, classroom indoctrination and a required text in how to love one's enemies.

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Response from Ball State University Provost Beverley Pitts · 12 October 2004

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Students Complain of Liberal Bias on Campus · 10 October 2004

By Seth Slabaugh—The Muncie Star Press—10/11/04

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Response to Ball State Provost Beverley Pitts · 06 October 2004

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FrontPageMag Story Making Waves at Ball State · 04 October 2004

By Gail Koch and Seth Slabaugh—Muncie (IN) Star-Press—09/30/04

Below we present three articles on academic bias from the Muncie (IN) Star-Press.

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Ball State Professors Respond to Complaints · 26 September 2004

The Muncie (IN) Star Press—09/27/04

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