Bruin Alumni Association: How Not to Wage a Campus Campaign · 22 January 2006

By David

An organization calling itself the Bruin Alumni Association has been getting a lot of press lately, almost all of it bad. And deservedly so.

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California State University 2, Christianity 0 · 19 December 2005

Filed under: Actions, California

By Nathan

Some students from Cal State at San Bernardino have been told that forming a Christian group is "not permissible" at the university because it restricts membership based on religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

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Don't Cut-and-Run on Campus, Either · 11 December 2005

By Professor

For most people, the phrase "I'm taking my ball and going home!" should bring back similar memories of childhood play. Most of us have at one time or another engaged in a game, felt slighted, and chosen as our course of action to take our ball and stomp away. By leaving in such an abrupt manner, we hoped the game would no longer be possible without our presence. Unfortunately, this adolescent behavior is carried out in our professional lives and occurs too frequently especially in K-12 and higher education professions. Please understand that I am not labeling those who departed academia as childish. However, I do understand that exiting an organization as an act of dissention is often exercised as the first and only viable option. What I want you to consider is that when conservatives choose exiting academia as their act of dissention, they are in effect causing long-term harm. I understand that life for a conservative in academia is not easy. Resorting to my previous job as a scout for the U.S. Army, I refer to my academic life as "actions behind enemy lines" which must be carried on in a covert manner.

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Swastikas for Campus Conservatives · 08 December 2005

By Jason

Occidental College in Los Angeles may epitomize what's wrong in higher education. Professors cancel class to encourage their students to attend a protest against the "Bush Regime," campus leaders are forced into mandatory "diversity/sensitivity training."

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Ventura and Oxnard College Students Report Violations of Academic Freedom · 16 November 2005

By Katie Teague--Ventura College SAF--11/17/05

A VC Economics teacher accused a student of being part of our group because the student protested the teacher's use of class time to talk about how to vote on the upcoming propositions.

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A Report from Inside the Belly of the Beast · 03 November 2005

Filed under: Actions, California

By Professor Y--SAF--11/01/05

Today I attended an attempt by Cerritos College Faculty Federation local #6215 to rally students and faculty regarding the dreadful working conditions of adjunct faculty.

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Politicized Pubescence · 02 November 2005

By Alec Mouhibian——11/03/05

When Alberta Hunter sang her lament-I got a mind to ramble, but I don’t know where to go-she did so probably without the knowledge that a high school classroom would have accommodated her needs.

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Art Class Creates Anti-War Display at CSU-Northridge · 27 October 2005

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By Ryan Denham--Daily Sundial--10/11/05

A professor who organized an antiwar art display outside the CSUN ROTC office will meet today with administrators to discuss how much freedom students had in participating in the project and whether there was ample discussion time of opposing viewpoints.

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Potential Legislation May Restrict Freedom of California Professors · 18 October 2005

The debates about school funding and academic freedom have University of California teachers and lecturers waiting for an opinion from the recently shifting U.S. Supreme Court, according to the California Teachers Association.

Read SAF response.

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Response to the Daily Bruin · 12 October 2005

Sara Dogan response to "Potential Legislation May Restrict Freedom of California Professors"

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