U. Northern Colorado Exam Timeline · 17 February 2009

A timeline detailing the unfolding of the complicated story of one student’s indoctrination via a question on a criminology exam.

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Colorado Battle · 15 October 2006

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Relevant News Links from the Colorado Media

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The Case of the Colorado Exam · 20 April 2005

By David Horowitz -


My campaign for academic freedom has roused up a storm of unprincipled opposition from the academic left. Although the campaign is based on the academic freedom tradition of the American Association of University Professors extending back to 1915 it has been compared by its opponents - including the current leadership of the AAUP and the American Federation of Teachers -- to the "red scare" and the " McCarthy witch-hunt " and even Mao Zedong's purge of Communist Party officials during the " Cultural Revolution ."

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Ward Churchill Is Just The Beginning · 08 February 2005

By David Horowitz--Rocky Mountain News--02/08/05

Firing the Hate America prof isn't the answer; academic freedom is.

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Victory in Colorado · 12 September 2004

By David Horowitz | September 13, 2004

In the early summer of 2003, we launched a campaign for academic freedom in the state of Colorado. We met with the President of Colorado University, the governor and a dozen state legislators to discuss the problem of intellectual intolerance on Colorado's public university campuses. We were concerned about the treatment of conservative students as second class citizens and the abuse of the classroom by faculty who used their positions of authority as educators to pursue political agendas. We were concerned about the absence of intellectual diversity in the collegiate curriculum and by the practices of some professors who used their classrooms for political indoctrination. The remedy we offered was the Academic Bill of Rights which had been drawn up our organization, Students for Academic Freedom.

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Colorado's Incorrigible Professor · 06 September 2004

By William R. Pierce --, September 7, 2004

A Metropolitan State College of Denver professor implies that conservative students should drop her class or fail.

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Memorandum of Understanding · 25 May 2004

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Memorandum of Understanding

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Colorado Academic Showdown · 05 February 2004

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Photo: Student George Culpepper testifies at the Colorado hearings

Students testify at Colorado State Capitol about their harassment and intimidation on university campuses. Read the hearing transcripts here.

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