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Ideology over Integrity in Academe · 28 November 2007

By James R. Russell, Mashtots Professor of Armenian Studies, Harvard University - The Columbia Current
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Is this Columbia University? A professor of anthropology calls for a million Mogadishus, a professor of Arabic and Islamic Science tells a girl she isn’t a Semite because her eyes are green, and a professor of Persian hails the destruction of the World Trade Center as the castrating of a double phallus.

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Columbia Charges Students With Violating Protest Rules · 23 December 2006

By Karen Arenson - New York Times

Columbia University said yesterday that it had notified students involved in disrupting a program of speakers in early October that they were being charged with violating rules of university conduct governing demonstrations.

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Hypocrisy at Columbia · 06 December 2006

By Matt Sanchez - New York Post

Diversity for all – except the armed forces.

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Columbia University’s Political Agendas · 01 December 2006

By Jacob Laksin - Frontpage Magazine

A culture of academic corruption and intimidation imperils the elite school’s legacy.

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Columbia's Censorship, Act 2 · 15 October 2006

By Jacob Laksin -

By --

One week after the Minuteman melee, another event is marred by university incompetence.

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Columbia Students Represent Worst of American Left · 12 October 2006

By Ross Kaminsky -

By Ross

As a graduate of Columbia College ('87) and the son of a Columbia graduate, I have some perspective on the school and the history of student behavior there. Sadly, nothing has changed in the over 45 years which include my father's time at Columbia, my time there, and the recent "Minuteman protests." You can see video of the protest by clicking here.

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Columbia University Fails to Protect Free Expression · 10 October 2006

Columbia University's negligence in protecting free speech and free assembly was on display last week, when members of several student groups including the International Socialist Organization incited a violent riot at an event held by the College Republicans in a successful attempt to prevent Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist from speaking.

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Mob Rule at Columbia · 09 October 2006



When Democracy for America invited me to participate in a panel debate about the war in Iraq on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 at Macalester College, I wondered whether the staunchly liberal setting would result in some sort of donnybrook due to my defense of the war. I needn't have worried; Macalesterproved itself polite, classy, and welcoming, if predictably unenthusiastic about my point of view. No one chased me from the dais, and no one interrupted our debate.

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Academic Bill of Rights Questioned · 26 March 2006

By Olivia Rosane - Columbia Daily Spectator

By Olivia Rosane--Columbia Daily Spectator--03/23/06

The debate about intimidation and bias in university classrooms, brought to national attention last spring by a controversy in Columbia's Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures department, has begun to move from special interest groups to state legislatures.

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Smoldering Fires at Columbia · 01 March 2006

By Sol Stern -

By Sol

Last year's ferocious campus battles over serious and documented allegations of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in MEALAC, the university's Middle East Studies Department, seem a distant memory to most people.

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