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"A Million Mogadishus" 101 · 05 February 2006

By Chris Kulawik - Columbia Spectator

By Chris Kulawik--Columbia Spectator--02/06/06

It's funny how Columbia works: call for the deaths of 18 million Americans, get your own lecture.

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Crisis at Columbia: Nadia Abu El-Haj · 09 October 2005

By Hugh Fitzgerald -

By Hugh Fitzgerald ——10/10/05

When Jew-Hatred passes for “archeology.”

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Horowitz Addresses His Alma Mater · 01 May 2005

By Lisa Hirschmann - Columbia Spectator

By Lisa Hirschmann--Columbia Spectator--05/02/05

Columbia U has only changed for the worse over the decades.

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Letter from David Horowitz to the NY Times · 28 March 2005

David Horowitz responds to
Columbia Chief Tackles Dispute Over Professors.

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Columbia Chief Tackles Dispute Over Professors · 24 March 2005

By Karen W. Arenson - NY Times

By Karen W. Arenson—NY Times—03/24/05

Columbia’s president said last night that academic freedom has some limits when it comes to the classroom and the broader educational experience.

Read a response.

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Letter to Columbia President Lee Bollinger · 16 November 2004

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Guest Editorial: A Call for Intellectual Diversity · 09 November 2004

By the Columbia Daily Spectator, 11/09/04

The mainstream campus paper at Columbia University takes a stand for intellectual diversity and academic freedom.

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