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In Duke Case, A Rogues' Gallery · 30 May 2006

By Stuart Taylor Jr. - National Journal

By Stuart Taylor Jr.—National Journal—05/22/06

Political correctness in the Duke rape case.

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Winning at Duke · 18 April 2006

By Steve Miller - FrontPageMag.com

By Steve Miller—FrontPageMag.com—04/19/06

The first step to winning the academic freedom battle is to fight it.

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Taking Action: Responsibly · 23 March 2006

By Jamie Deal - Duke Chronicle

By Jamie Deal—Duke Chronicle—03/23/06

Duke students don’t know how to protest.

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Audience Members, T-shirts Blast Horowitz's Views · 12 March 2006

By Neal SenGupta - Duke Chronicle

By Neal SenGupta—Duke Chronicle—03/08/06

Student groups and professors made sure David Horowitz heard their criticisms during his speech Tuesday night.

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Red-Faced at Duke · 08 March 2006

By Ben Johnson - FrontPageMag.com

By Ben Johnson —FrontPageMag.com -03/09/06

The academic freedom campaign could not have paid for a better publicity stunt than the one three leftist professors at Duke University gave it for free Tuesday night.

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David Horowitz Speaks to 500 at Duke · 07 March 2006

By Paul Bonner - The Herald-Sun

By Paul Bonner—The Herald-Sun—03/08/06

DURHAM — A feisty David Horowitz inveighed against leftist professors and programs Tuesday, facing down a chorus of giggling hecklers at Duke University’s Page Auditorium.

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Horowitz Stirs Up Crowd at Duke · 07 March 2006

By Neal SenGupta - Duke Chronicle

By Neal SenGupta—Duke Chronicle—03/8/06

Notorious conservative author David Horowitz spoke Tuesday evening about what he deems radical liberal bias in Duke’s academic departments.

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Horowitz Returning to Duke with Sights on Faculty · 06 March 2006

By Anne Blythe - News Observer

Anne Blythe—News Observer—03/07/06

David Horowitz, the right-wing rabble-rouser campaigning to turn the academic world on its head, will be at Duke University this week.

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Right-Wing Author Deems 2 Duke Profs 'Dangerous' · 01 March 2006

By Neal SenGupta - Duke Chronicle

By Neal SenGupta—Duke Chronicle—02/27/06

Professors Miriam Cooke and Fredric Jameson have taught at Duke for almost 50 years combined.

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Thought MLK Day Was About Diversity and Tolerance? · 11 January 2006

Students at Duke University protest the tradition of inviting leftist speakers to campus for MLK Day.

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