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Timeline of Ruth Malhotra Case at Georgia Tech · 28 May 2009

By Ruth Malhotra

A Georgia Tech student documents the retribution she faced from her Public Policy professor for attending a conservative conference.

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Georgia Tech Bias · 11 October 2006

By Randy Weinstein --

As a result of bias, distortion, and double standards, I have recently found myself completely and utterly disappointed with the Student Government Association (SGA) at Georgia Tech. I have been actively involved on campus for almost ten years, and most recently serving on behalf of the students as a Senator in the Graduate Student Senate. Despite the good work carried out by SGA, I have had no other choice then to resign from the association that has regrettably strayed from upholding Georgia Tech values. The problem arose when a proposal by the radical extremist organization, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) was mishandled. SJP requested funding from SGA to host Jeff Halper, a former professor of anthropology and the current head of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition (ICAHD), who intended to speak about cohabitation, militarization, and apartheid for the purpose of providing a one-sided attack on Israeli anti-terrorism policy. Despite my best attempts to warn SGA of the dangers of this group's plans, SGA blindly agreed to fund them with the Association's money. This money belongs to the students and is intended to enhance the students' experience at Georgia Tech, not to promote the radical agendas of fringe groups.

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Free Speech Marches Through Georgia Tech · 04 October 2006

By Orit T.

One month into my senior year of college at Georgia Tech, between submitting a degree petition and filling out an exit survey, I find myself reflecting on my academic experience over the past few years. As I analyze my time at Georgia Tech and recall numerous campus experiences, there are, of course, good memories. But I cannot help thinking about all the times that members of the Georgia Tech community - administrators, faculty, and students - have embarrassed themselves and this school. I fear that this is the lasting impression I will take away with my diploma.

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GA Tech Student Endured Threats · 21 August 2006

By Andrea Jones--Atlanta Journal-Constitution--08/21/06

After Ruth Malhotra and another student filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Georgia Tech in the spring, the outspoken member of College Republicans said she expected some negative reaction.

She was surprised, though, by the death threats and personal attacks.

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The Smoking Gun at Georgia Tech · 07 December 2005

By Mike S.

Over the past two weeks, the Georgia Tech propaganda machine, which is sometimes referred to as the "administration," has been working diligently to rebut my assertion that the university has been employing an unconstitutional classification system to allocate its mandatory student activity fees.

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Georgia Tech's Propaganda War · 04 December 2005

By Orit T.

I do not think Georgia Tech's disturbing trend of political radicalism was ever as apparent as on the night of Friday, November 11, 2005.

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Pro Active Alternatives to Campus Liberalism · 30 October 2005

By Ruth

As we're settling back into school this Fall and preparing for another successful semester of conservative campus activism, many of us have undoubtedly been welcomed to campus with the warm greetings of partisan professors and left-wing events.

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Campus Liberation · 08 October 2005

Bob Kemper--Atlanta Journal-Constitution--10/09/05

Washington --- Today's campus agitator carries a pocket-sized copy of the U.S. Constitution in her purse.

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What We Have Inspired at Georgia Tech · 18 April 2005

Blog Post from David Horowitz--04/18/05

Here is an article about an intellectual diversity forum that was held at Georgia Tech as a response to our initiative.

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Response to Georgia Tech Vice-Provost McMath, 12/20/04 · 10 January 2005

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