Horowitz Testimonies To Legislative Bodies

The Political Attack on Our Universities · 14 March 2006

By David Horowitz – FrontPageMagazine.com 03/15/06

What follows in these pages is testimony I presented to the Appropriations Committee of the Kansas House on March 15, 2006, concerning the assault on academic freedom by tenured radicals in Kansas’ public university system.

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David Horowitz Pennsylvania Testimony · 10 January 2006

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What I Told Pennsylvania's Academic Freedom Hearings · 10 January 2006

Yesterday in testimony before the Select Committee of the Pennyslvania House on Academic Freedom, I let the legislature know the nation's universities are not upholding their own standards of speech and debate.

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Why an Academic Bill of Rights is Necessary · 14 March 2005

By David Horowitz-Frontpagemag.com-03/15/05

Testimony before the Education Committee of the Ohio Senate

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