Students Press for Rights List at University of Kentucky · 24 July 2006

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Most demands already on books

By Mark Pitsch--The Louisville Courier-Journal--07/24/06

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Michael Marchman and two fellow University of Kentucky geography teaching assistants were so upset over the Iraq war that they decided they couldn't teach it as "morally neutral."

They began an online campaign in April and wrote a letter to the local newspaper urging other UK teachers to present the war as "a gross injustice and a criminal act."

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Kentucky Students Seeking Rights, Responsibilities · 11 July 2006

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By Jenean Mcbrearty--Lexington Herald-Leader--07/09/06

The Student Lobbyist Corps at the University of Kentucky is on a mission. The political team's first agenda item is ensuring that students are guaranteed an inclusive intellectual environment by law.

Already in its first draft stage, the new Student Bill of Rights is headed for Frankfort sometime this year and would be the first of its kind: a non-partisan, non-political statement of what students and parents can expect from a college education.

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