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In the fall of 2003, Students for Academic Freedom defended the Metropolitan State College of Denver College Republicans when Professor Oneida Meranto, the faculty advisor for the Political Science Association, told the College Republican that they "need to withdraw from the Political Science Association," accusing them of conspiring with a conservative think tank to have her fired. Dr. Meranto offered no evidence for this preposterous assertion.

Metro State College Republican Chairman George Culpepper reported Dr. Meranto's comments in testimony before a state senate hearing which was called to determine if an Academic Bill of Rights should be adopted for Colorado students. After Culpepper's testimony, Meranto told a Denver Post reporter that Culpepper was just griping because he had failed her class. In fact this was a deliberate falsehood, which the Post reporter couldn't check because of the privacy regulations. Meranto also filed retaliatory complaints against Culpepper and another student who had accused her of political abuse in the classroom, Nick Bahl.

In August 2004, Metro State Interim President Raymond Kieft placed a six-page disciplinary notice in Meranto's file stating that she had violated the privacy act in commenting on Culpepper's grade and telling the Denver Post in December 2003 that he had dropped her class "because he hadn't done enough of the work and knew he couldn't pass."

In the fall of 2004, another student, William Pierce, chose to drop Dr. Meranto's class this term after he reported being subjected to a series of insulting comments and political tirades aimed at Republicans and conservatives in her introductory lecture on Monday, August 24th. This complaint was dismissed by the university.

A more complete accounting of this case can be viewed here .

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