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CUNY's Anti-Jewish Bigot · 09 October 2006

By Eugene Girin -
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By Eugene Girin --

As the onetime abode of professors like Leonard Jeffries, an Afro-centrist militant who once called Jews "a race of skunks," and Norman Finkelstein, an academic distortionist known for his propagandistic attacks on Israel, the City University of New York (CUNY) has long been hospitable to hatred of Jews and Israel, as well as America and the West.

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Mob Rule at Columbia · 09 October 2006



When Democracy for America invited me to participate in a panel debate about the war in Iraq on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 at Macalester College, I wondered whether the staunchly liberal setting would result in some sort of donnybrook due to my defense of the war. I needn't have worried; Macalesterproved itself polite, classy, and welcoming, if predictably unenthusiastic about my point of view. No one chased me from the dais, and no one interrupted our debate.

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Prior Restraint on Speech? · 26 July 2006

By Scott Jaschik -
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By Scott

The president of the State University of New York at Fredonia offered to promote a faculty member to full professor if he would agree, among other things, to subject any writing or public statements about the institution to prior review for approval.

The professor and a free-speech group backing him say that the offer demonstrates the university's willingness to censor faculty views, especially if they are conservative. But Fredonia officials say that - while the proposal was a mistake - the professor brought it on himself.

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Academic Rights for the Empire State? · 11 May 2006

By Fred Lucas -
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By Fred

New York state Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio, a self described conservative Democrat from Glendale, recalls being penalized in college for having a different point of view from his professor at New York Institute on Technology.

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Academic Bill of Rights Questioned · 26 March 2006

By Olivia Rosane - Columbia Daily Spectator

By Olivia Rosane--Columbia Daily Spectator--03/23/06

The debate about intimidation and bias in university classrooms, brought to national attention last spring by a controversy in Columbia's Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures department, has begun to move from special interest groups to state legislatures.

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Fighting for Academia: Horowitz's vision is self-contradictory · 14 March 2006

- Columbia Spectator

Staff Editorial--Columbia Spectator--03/06/06

According to famed neoconservative David Horowitz, Columbia, among other academic institutions, is rife with "terrorists, racists, and communists."

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New York Legislature Takes up Academic Bill of Rights · 13 March 2006

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Students For Academic Freedom--03/14/06

Members of the New York State Assembly tossed their hats into the ring of the academic freedom movement on February 28 when they introduced a bill that would establish an academic bill of rights for students in state-funded colleges and universities.

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Smoldering Fires at Columbia · 01 March 2006

By Sol Stern -

By Sol

Last year's ferocious campus battles over serious and documented allegations of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in MEALAC, the university's Middle East Studies Department, seem a distant memory to most people.

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David Horowitz's The Professors Profiles Academe's Tenured Radicals · 21 February 2006

By Katherine Ernst - City Journal
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By Katherine Ernst--City Journal--02/21/06

A few years back, I was a disgruntled conservative student at New York University.

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Shelving of Panel on Mideast Roils School · 16 February 2006

By Elissa Gootman - New York Times
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By Elissa Gootman--New York Times--02/17/06

An elite NYC high school cancels a one-sided panel showcasing the Palestinian viewpoint towards Israel.

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