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Horowitz Stirs Up Crowd at Duke · 07 March 2006

By Neal SenGupta - Duke Chronicle

By Neal SenGupta—Duke Chronicle—03/8/06

Notorious conservative author David Horowitz spoke Tuesday evening about what he deems radical liberal bias in Duke’s academic departments.

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Horowitz Returning to Duke with Sights on Faculty · 06 March 2006

By Anne Blythe - News Observer

Anne Blythe—News Observer—03/07/06

David Horowitz, the right-wing rabble-rouser campaigning to turn the academic world on its head, will be at Duke University this week.

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Right-Wing Author Deems 2 Duke Profs 'Dangerous' · 01 March 2006

By Neal SenGupta - Duke Chronicle

By Neal SenGupta—Duke Chronicle—02/27/06

Professors Miriam Cooke and Fredric Jameson have taught at Duke for almost 50 years combined.

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Thought MLK Day Was About Diversity and Tolerance? · 11 January 2006

Students at Duke University protest the tradition of inviting leftist speakers to campus for MLK Day.

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'Little Red Books' Will Help Protect Political Discourse · 12 December 2005

Letter from Professor Chris Clemens--UNC Daily Tar Heel--11/17/05

A UNC professor defends SAF's academic Freedom campaign.

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Groups Complain of Bias in the Classroom · 15 November 2005

By Lindsey Naylor - Daily Tar Heel

By Lindsey Naylor—Daily Tar Heel—11/14/05

A state-ordered panel in Pennsylvania on Wednesday gave members of the state legislature and academia the chance to discuss an alleged presence of political bias on public college campuses.

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Academic Freedom Pledge to Circulate at Duke · 26 September 2005

By Iza Wojciechowska - Duke Chronicle

By Iza Wojciechowska—Duke Chronicle—09/26/05

The age-old debate about liberal bias in the classroom is being re-addressed by Duke’s chapter of Students for Academic Freedom, which has a solution in mind to promote intellectual equality on campus.

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Welcome to Leftist University · 12 September 2005

By Stephen Miller - Duke Chronicle

By Stephen Miller—Duke Chronicle—09/05/05

As I’m sure you all know by now, Duke prides itself on its diversity. And indeed, our student body is certainly very diverse. But what you might not know is that in one crucial area we lack the only kind of diversity which really matters on a college campus-diversity of thought.

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N.C. Wesleyan Professor Lashes Out at Critics · 09 May 2005

By Jon Sanders -
Filed under: North Carolina

By Jon Sanders——05/10/05

Prof. Jane Christensen’s course at N.C. Wesleyan College uses conspiracy mongers’ websites to argue that the U.S. government attacked its own citizens Sept. 11.

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The Reign of Jane has Churchill Looking Sane · 03 May 2005

By Mike Adams -
Filed under: North Carolina

By Mike

North Carolina Wesleyan College defends the prof who said, "the 'Holocaust' was the greatest hoax of all."

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