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N.C. Wesleyan Professor's Web Site, Course Draw Criticism · 24 April 2005

By Emery P. Dalesio - Associated Press
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By Emery P. Dalesio—Associated Press—04/25/05

The classroom where North Carolina Wesleyan College’s only political science professor is teaching a course titled “9-11; The Road to Tyranny” has become the latest battlefront in the ongoing campus culture war.

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Academic Insanity at North Carolina Wesleyan · 17 April 2005

By Jon Sanders -

By Jon Sanders – – 04/18/05

A college “course” on 9/11 celebrates the most bizarre conspiracy theories.

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Response: This Bill Ain't Right · 12 April 2005

To the Editor:

As the National Campus Director of Students for Academic Freedom, the organization responsible for the Academic Bill of Rights which inspired North Carolina Senate Bill 1139, I wish to respond to the many mischaracterizations of the Bill in your paper's recent editorial ( This Bill Ain't Right , 04/01).

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This Bill Ain't Right · 12 April 2005

- Daily Tar Heel

A bill in the N.C. General Assembly threatens to take educators’ ability to decide the content of their courses and to put it in the hands of bureaucrats.

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'Bill of Academic Rights' Right for East Carolina University · 06 April 2005

By Justin Byrd - The Daily Reflector

By Justin Byrd — The Daily Reflector — 04/07/05

State Sen. Andrew Brock has put a bill to the state Legislature that all ECU students and faculty should take note of, and some say is greatly needed. It calls for a “Bill of Academic Rights.”

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Academic Showdown in North Carolina · 03 April 2005

By Laura Youngs - The Daily Tar Heel

By Laura Youngs — The Daily Tar Heel — 04/04/05

Academic Bill of Rights hits the N.C. Senate floor.

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North Carolina 'Bill of Rights' Proposed · 28 March 2005

By Eric Ferreri - The Herald-Sun

By Eric Ferreri—The Herald-Sun—03/29/05

CHAPEL HILL — A bill introduced in the state Senate promises guidelines for the college classroom to assure fair treatment for all students, regardless of their ideology.

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