Pennsylvania Academic Freedom Hearings

Final Report of the Select Committee on Academic Freedom in Higher Education · 04 November 2008

Pursuant to House Resolution 177

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Pennsylvania’s Academic Freedom Reforms · 01 December 2006

What the academic freedom hearings in Pennsylvania accomplished.

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Testimony of Anne Neal, President of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni · 16 January 2006

Presented 01/10/06 at Temple University

Let me begin by saying that lack of intellectual diversity is not a new problem, nor is it a matter of a few isolated incidents or abuses, as some of the witnesses would have you believe.

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A Tale of Two Testimonies: Testimony from Stephen Zelnick and Logan Fisher at Temple University · 11 January 2006


The following are testimonies given at Pennsylvania's Academic Freedom Hearings (held on January 9 and 10), by Stephen Zelnick, a veteran professor at Temple, and Logan Fisher, a senior majoring in business law at Temple.

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The Pitt of Academic Bias · 11 January 2006

By Art Eckstein——01/12/06

Can a conservative candidate get a fair shake at the U of Pittsburgh?

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What I Told Pennsylvania's Academic Freedom Hearings · 10 January 2006

Yesterday in testimony before the Select Committee of the Pennyslvania House on Academic Freedom, I let the legislature know the nation's universities are not upholding their own standards of speech and debate.

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The Pennsylvania House Considers Academic Freedom · 09 November 2005

By Stephen H. Balch--National Association of Scholars--11/10/05

Testimony from Stephen H. Balch, President of the National Association of Scholars. Why education, not indoctrination, may again become the keystone to the Keystone State.

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Pennsylvania Academic Freedom Hearings · 27 October 2005

By David

Those who continue to doubt the wisdom of Justice Louis Brandeis's famous statement "Sunlight is the best disinfectant" should pay close attention to the news from Pennsylvania. A House Select Committee on Student Academic Freedom is conducting an investigation into the state of liberty and genuine intellectual diversity in Pennsylvania's public universities, and the academic establishment is fighting back.

FIRE president David French gives a lesson in academic freedom to Pennsylvania educators and legislators in a historic hearing before the Pennsylvania House.

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