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Myths, Realities About Academic Freedom · 17 July 2006

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By Marc V. Simon--Toledo Blade--06/24/06

Freedom: It's one thing conservatives and liberals can agree on. Americans love freedom and will generally fight to the death for it. But mention academic freedom, and somehow the patriotic feeling fades into partisan divisiveness.

Read SAF's response to this article.

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Response to Toledo Blade · 17 July 2006

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In his recent column [Myths, realities about academic freedom, 06/24] Bowling Green Professor Mark Simon makes several statements that misrepresent the Academic Bill of Rights and understate the problems it was designed to correct.

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Defending Academic Values · 12 July 2006

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By David Horowitz--Presidency Magazine--Spring 2006

The Presidency is to be commended for publishing Kermit Hall's "A Cautionary Tale of Academic Rights and Responsibilities" (fall 2005), which addresses the issues raised in the Academic Bill of Rights, of which I am the author. President Hall is right that the legislative success of this bill is the result of a growing movement among conservatives generally, and Republican legislators in particular, for reform in the administration of our university system.

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Discounting the Facts · 12 June 2006

A rebuttal to Free Exchange's attack on The Professors.

On May 9, 2006, a group calling itself the coalition for Free Exchange on Campus released a 50-page "report" on David Horowitz's book, The Professors titled "Facts Count." As described by, "In 'Facts Count,' the debunking document being released today, Horowitz's book is slammed as 'sloppy in the extreme.' The analysis also says that the details included in the book suggest that Horowitz is not concerned with the students he says he is trying to protect, but is actually trying to punish professors whose views he doesn't like."

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The Ward Churchill Verdict · 18 May 2006

By David Horowitz--Blog Post--05/18/06

The Ward Churchill debacle proves The Professors' point.

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Truth-Free Exchange on Campus · 13 April 2006

By Jacob Laksin

Meet the groups behind the latest hate-Horowitz smear campaign.

What do you call a cadre of partisan groups determined to muzzle debate about the ills of modern academia? If you're the ACLU, a leading teachers union, and eight other well-financed groups allied with the political left, you call it the coalition for "Free Exchange on Campus."

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Campus Progress: Discrediting Itself · 12 April 2006

By Sara Dogan—SAF—04/13/06

George Soros’ organization, the Center for Campus Progress, has posted a series of reports entitled “Undercover at the ‘Academic Freedom Conference’” which serve only to discredit the organization.

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Academic Freedom Conference Gets an "A" · 11 April 2006

By Christopher Flickinger--Human Events--04/11/06

The first national Academic Freedom Conference gets an A+ from "the dean."

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Intellectual Thuggery · 11 April 2006

By David

Michael Berube is a professor of literature at Penn State University who can't take no for an answer. Like many other opponents of the academic freedom campaign Berube is in the habit of repeating falsehoods about me and the campaign that have already been refuted - many times. In fact they have been refuted on his own website,

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Open Views · 03 April 2006

Editorial from the Patriot News--03/25/06

Rep. Gibson Armstrong, R-Lancaster, isn't exactly engaged in a witch hunt as he explores the realm of college lectures, looking for those who speak evil of the status quo.

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