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Diversity Indoctrination · 30 January 2006

By Pratik Chougule--FrontPageMagazine.com--01/31/06

A Brown student reports on the university's freshman orientation program.

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College Republicans Say Speaker 'Ruffles Feathers' · 29 November 2005

By Jessica Haley--URI Good 5 Cent Cigar--11/30/05

Encouraging students to attend a speech delivered by nationally acclaimed and controversial conservative author and speaker David Horowitz at the University of Rhode Island last night, the URI College Republicans promised in an advertisement that it would "ruffle some feathers."

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Horowitz to Speak at University of Rhode Island · 28 November 2005

By The Associated Press--11/29/05

KINGSTON - Conservative students at the University of Rhode Island have scheduled a series of activities for this week that are intended to draw attention to their viewpoints and their Republican organization.

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A Confession of Guilt · 21 August 2005

By FrontPage Magazine —08/22/05

Michael Vocino sexually harassed his students and used his classroom as a political soapbox. Here he defends himself (sort of) and David Horowitz replies.

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The Battle for Intellectual Diversity at Brown · 16 August 2005

By Christopher McAuliffe--FrontPageMag.com--08/17/05

An academic freedom fighter offers some constructive criticism.

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"My Name is Michael Vocino and I Like Dick" · 31 July 2005

By Nathaniel Nelson--FrontPageMag.com--08/01/05

These were the words spoken by my philosophy professor, Michael Vocino, as he introduced himself to our class the first day of his Political Philosophy course.

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Re-Education in Rhode Island · 27 April 2005

Filed under: Rhode Island

By Bill Felkner--Frontpagemag.com--04/28/05

The university extreme of political indoctrination.

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Horowitz Promotes 'Academic Bill of Rights' in R.I. Senate · 02 March 2005

By Shawn Ban--Brown Daily Herald--03/03/05

Controversy is looming over the proposal of a bill in the State Senate that would establish an academic bill of rights for Rhode Island's three state colleges.

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