Academic Freedom News · 11 March 2005

  • Time Magazine covers the Academic Freedom Movement and the Academic Bill of Rights
  • David Horowitz testifies in front of the Ohio State Senate Education Committee
  • Pennsylvania State University Student Senate takes a stand for Academic Freedom by passing the Academic Bill of Rights
  • The attacks on the Academic Bill of Rights by the AAUP shows how deep their hypocrisy runs

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Academic Freedom News · 28 February 2005

The academic freedom campaign is about to be on the national radar as
we move legislation in 21 states this spring. Below is the current list
of bills, state by state, and at the national level, with brief details
of where they stand.

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Academic Freedom News · 12 January 2005

From the Editor:

The following account, written by Jon Christian Ryter, and taken from his website, is an admirable summary of recent developments in the battle for academic freedom.

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Academic Freedom News · 22 October 2004

  • Students fighting for Academic Freedom at California State University Long Beach
  • North Carolina State University Faculty Senate votes against Academic Freedom
  • Students for Academic Freedom showing a presence in Minnesota and Brooklyn
  • The lack of Academic Freedom and intellectual diversity rears its head at Cornell (again)

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Academic Freedom News · 15 October 2004

Recently Students for Academic Freedom was approached by Brett Mock, a
student at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, about serious
problems of not just indoctrination, but also intellectual and
political bias by various professors and university officials.

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Academic Freedom News · 06 October 2004

Academic Freedom News

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Academic Freedom News · 13 September 2004

We're Changing The Face of Higher Education in Colorado

By David Horowitz

In the early summer of 2003, we launched a campaign for academic freedom in the state of Colorado. We met with the President of Colorado University, the governor and a dozen state legislators to discuss the problem of intellectual intolerance on Colorado's public university campuses. We were concerned about the treatment of conservative students as second class citizens and the abuse of the classroom by faculty who used their positions of authority as educators to pursue political agendas. We were concerned about the absence of intellectual diversity in the collegiate curriculum and by the practices of some professors who used their classrooms for political indoctrination. The remedy we offered was the Academic Bill of Rights which had been drawn up our organization, Students for Academic Freedom.

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Academic Freedom News · 31 August 2004

With the beginning of the new school year, Students for Academic Freedom is poised to make a significant impact on the landscape of America's universities and state policies on education.

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Academic Freedom News · 18 April 2004

From David Horowitz's Blog: In today's blog I want to introduce you to Academic Freedom News which is our weekly report on the academic freedom campaign.

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Academic Freedom News · 07 April 2004

This issue of the News is devoted to some of the successes we have achieved in recent weeks. We are moving on two fronts. In the legislatures, the Academic Bill of Rights is gaining momentum. On the campuses, we are pressing to have the principle of "intellectual diversity" included in existing diversity programs. We have been successful with this proposal at Brown University and at Brooklyn College already. But the really good news is that we have had receptive hearings at every university we have approached.

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