Academic Freedom News · 04 March 2004

March 4, 2004


Hot on the heels of Students For Academic Freedom's first big victory--the passage of a bill for academic freedom through the Education Committee in the Colorado State Assembly--David Horowitz was in Georgia to testify before the Higher Education Committee in the Georgia legislature. He wrote about some of the stories he was told during his visit in Atlanta:

"The students whom I met with and who testified in Atlanta had these stories (among others) to tell. In a course required by state law of all Georgia freshmen on the Political Constitution, a professor harangued his class for the full class hour on the necessity of socialized medicine. In a psychology course a professor ranted about the evils of Republicans and the Bush Administration. In a speech communications course, the teacher asked if there were any Republicans in the class. A female student raised her hand. She was summoned to the head of the class. The lecturer asked her to tell the class why she was a Republican. She replied that Republicans were for smaller government, lower taxes and a strong defense. The teacher then proceeded to lecture the class on why Republicans were stupid."

What would a class on the Georgia's state constitution have to do with socialized medicine, you might ask? One might also wonder: why is the professor of a course in psychology covering the "evils of Republicans"? Why would a lecturer in speech communications course single out a student for ridicule in front of the class--ridicule based solely on her political beliefs?

I'm no professor, but it's pretty clear that none of these examples have any excuse for occurring. But they're just the tip of the iceberg, and that's why this movement exists.

Since launching this organization little more than half a year ago, over 120 Students For Academic Freedom (SAF) chapters have been formed across the country, an astonishing illustration of the need for a movement to combat the left/liberal bias that is epidemic across our nation's campuses. SAF is proud that despite its rather brief existence, it has already inspired legislation across the country.

Read on, there's a lot more to wonder about besides the aforementioned instances in Georgia…

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Students for Academic Freedom

Marching Through Georgia

David Horowitz defends the Academic Bill of Rights against its critics, describes left/liberal bias against Georgia students, and wonders why Emory College can cut Jello Biafra a check for $7,500 to speak at the school, but won't pay him a dime to address students. Read article.

Bates Staffer Calls College Republicans "A Bunch of Thugs"; Then Apologizes

Professor Erin O`Connor, author of the Critical Mass blog, writes about a staff writer for Bates College media relations department who questions whether he should help publicize an event for Bates College Republicans because they are a "bunch of thugs." Read article.

Professor O'Connor later reports on the staffer's apology. Read article.

"Enlightened" Affirmative-Action Supporters Obstruct Anti-Affirmative Action Speaker at Michigan State

A Michigan State College Republicans meeting was ended early when pro-affirmative action protesters disrupted the speech of Barbara Grutter, a plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case against the University of Michigan Law School`s racial preference practices. Read more.

Read an editorial in Michigan State's student newspaper, The State News.

Professor's Attempt to Intimidate Student After Testimony in Colorado Draws Rebuke From Denver Post Columnist

After literally going nose-to-nose with a conservative student after his testimony in front of the Education Committee of the Colorado House, a Metro State College philosophy professor is taken to task by Denver Post columnist Jim Spenser. Read column.

Oneida Meranto`s Racist Speech

Another Metro State professor, Dr. Oneida Meranto, gives a speech at a Denver rally protesting allegations of sexual misconduct at the University of Colorado. Read article.


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