Academic Freedom News · 23 March 2004

March 23, 2004


The Academic Bill of Rights has become a reality. In Colorado, where legislation was pending, the four presidents of the major universities in that state asked state representative Shawn Mitchell to remove the legislation so it could not voted on by the state house. The bill, which was expected to pass, forced a commitment from the leaders of these universities to revise campus policies and procedures to better protect students from political discrimination. Now the Academic Bill of Rights will implemented at the university level, this has been the goal for the Academic Bill of Rights all along. With the adoption of the Academic Bill of Rights, we will now see an environment that guarantees academic diversity on campuses. Students at Colorado universities can now expect equity and fairness in the distribution of funds to student groups and the selection and financial support of speakers from a wide spectrum of political back grounds. The days of indoctrination are coming to an end in Colorado. This is a foretaste of what is to come.

At the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Stephanie Evans, President of Carolina Students for Life, a group that is focused on educating women on alternatives to abortion, has exposed the Carolina Women's Center. The publicly funded Carolina Women's Center is committed to indoctrinating women on one side of the abortion issue. After five months attempting to open a dialogue with Carolina Women's Center it became clear the women's center discriminates against anyone that does not support of abortion. Every year the women's center helps organize Women's Week on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, a week that should be focused on women's health and issues regarding women. However, when the Carolina Students for Life requested to that they be involved with Women's Week 2004 the women's center shut them out of the event completely. This is just one more example of how a public university supports the indoctrination of students. Clearly UNC-Chapel Hill does not support diversity of thought. It is a good sign that students are standing up and demanding that diversity of thought be heard at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Last week a study showed that at the University of Oklahoma 93% of professors were registered democrats. This week students at the University Nevada Los Vegas released their own report on the party affiliation of UNLV professors. The students looked at several humanities departments at UNLV the results were sadly predictable. 91% of the professors are registered with either the Democrat or Green parties, while only 9% were registered Republican, Libertarian or Independent. Once again students have exposed the intolerance in the hiring process at another, in what is becoming a very long of American universities.

Some Current Developments:

- David Horowitz is in Utah this week to meet with legislators about the introduction of the Academic Bill of Rights. He will be urging elected officials to uphold academic diversity at Utah's universities by passing the Academic Bill of Rights.

- You can add Virginia to the list of states that are interested in the Academic Bill of Rights. After receiving the Academic Freedom News last week, legislators in Virginia have expressed a desire to reform the university system in that state.

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