Academic Freedom News · 22 October 2004

Academic Freedom News
October 22, 2004

  • Students fighting for Academic Freedom at California State University Long Beach
  • North Carolina State University Faculty Senate votes against Academic Freedom
  • Students for Academic Freedom showing a presence in Minnesota and Brooklyn
  • The lack of Academic Freedom and intellectual diversity rears its head at Cornell (again)

On the Campuses

Marissa Freimanis a student at California State University Long Beach is enrolled in an English composition course to complete her general educations requirements for her degree. During the first class session Dr. Clifton Snider, the instructor for the course, went over the syllabus for the class. One of the requirements for the course was writing 5 essays over the course of the semester. All this seemed innocuous until Ms. Freimanis learned what the essays had to be about. One of the essays was going to cover the Michael Moore fabrication Fahrenheit 9/11. This led Dr. Snider to call President Bush and idiot and continue on for the rest of the first class period about his hatred of President Bush. For the next few weeks Dr. Snider continued to use his class as a political soap box. Not only was Dr. Snider brow beating his politics into the students that are required to take his course, he is forcing students to write one of the assigned essays from a list of books on either sexual perversion or anti-Bush rhetoric.

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The North Carolina State University Faculty Senate voted to not support the Academic Bill of Rights, even though the issue has never been brought up on campus. The NC State Faculty Senate seems to think that there is not a problem of professors using the classroom as a bully-pulpit. They will admit that there is an occasional situation where a professor may over step his or her bounds but it is nothing to be concerned about. What they don't understand is that in their insulated world that the word occasional means, that this is a problem on almost every campus across the country. The ironic thing is the faculty did not do their homework. If they could peel the scales from their eyes, they would find students being belittled, embarrassed, and graded down on their own campus. It is clear the only Academic Freedom that the NC State Faculty Senate supports is the kind that allows them to indoctrinate students into their own political beliefs and keeps intellectual and political diversity out in the cold.

Students for Academic Freedom continues to gain a presence at universities across the country. A recent article by Robert Barnett, of the Minnesota Family Council, talks about the in-roads that SAF is making in Minnesota. (Academic Freedom Movement Makes Inroads in Minnesota) In the article Mr. Barnett recants a story that reflects why SAF is making an impact. A professor asked a question on a test; which country doesn't belong with the others: Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the United States, and Canada. The professor, he said, identified Canada as the correct answer. At Brooklyn College, at the first meeting that was held by SAF there was standing room only. The students have already begun the process of passing the Academic Bill of Rights at Brooklyn College. During the meeting the issue of lack of intellectual and political diversity was discussed. Every student present had a story about being in classrooms where only one side of an issue was allowed.

Cornell University, where former Congresswomen and noted racist Cynthia McKinney has been given a professorship even though she holds no academic credentials, has hired John Pilger. Pilger who has called the United States "the greatest source of terrorism in the world" and claimed that a US defeat in Iraq would be a good thing, will now be indoctrinating students at Cornell. It is amazing that an Ivy League school would crawl into bed with a women who said that President Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks before they happened and a man that compared American soldiers in Latin America to death squads. Cornell should be ashamed of themselves for not bringing to campus intellectual and political diversity. It is clear that the administration and faculty at Cornell want nothing more then to indoctrinate students into their way of thinking.

Yours in the Struggle,

Bradley Shipp

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Yours in the struggle,

Bradley Shipp

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