Academic Freedom News · 23 March 2004

The Academic Bill of Rights has become a reality. In Colorado, where
legislation was pending, the four presidents of the major universities
in that state asked state representative Shawn Mitchell to remove the
legislation so it could not voted on by the state house. The bill,
which was expected to pass, forced a commitment from the leaders of
these universities to revise campus policies and procedures to better
protect students from political discrimination. Now the Academic Bill
of Rights will implemented at the university level, this has been the
goal for the Academic Bill of Rights all along. With the adoption of
the Academic Bill of Rights, we will now see an environment that
guarantees academic diversity on campuses. Students at Colorado
universities can now expect equity and fairness in the distribution of
funds to student groups and the selection and financial support of
speakers from a wide spectrum of political back grounds. The days of
indoctrination are coming to an end in Colorado. This is a foretaste of
what is to come.

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Academic Freedom News · 16 March 2004

As state legislatures across the country take up the Academic Bill of Rights, the academic freedom campaign is chalking up one victory after another.

On March 9th, the Senate Education Committee of Georgia, unanimously passed a resolution based on our bill. The bi-partisan support for the resolution sends a clear message to professors and administrators that the American public is fed up with the political abuse of their universities and students, and change is coming.

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Academic Freedom News · 04 March 2004

Hot on the heels of Students For Academic Freedom's first big
victory—the passage of a bill for academic freedom through the
Education Committee in the Colorado State Assembly—David Horowitz was
in Georgia to testify before the Higher Education Committee in the
Georgia legislature.

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Academic Freedom News · 27 February 2004

Welcome to the first issue of Academic Freedom News, the newest
effort from Students for Academic Freedom to keep you informed of the
latest exciting developments in the battle for academic freedom on
college campuses, which we launched this past September.

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