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"Free Exchange on Campus" Coalition Aims to Silence Dialogue on Academic Freedom

... of creationism please see numerous letters in our Replies to Critics section: ... · Mar 23, 09:00 PM

Mischaracterizing the Academic Bill of Rights

... Replies to Critics section and I encourage you all to read it to ... · Feb 3, 01:49 PM

Paranoid Professor

By David Horowitz - Frontpage Magazine

... this? Click here to read David Horowitz Replies to Critics ... · Mar 16, 05:59 PM

Have Academic Radicals Lost Their Minds?

By David Horowitz -
Filed under: Press Coverage

... “Replies to Critics of The Professors.” ... · Dec 3, 12:06 PM

David Horowitz and John Wilson: Exchange Over Academic Freedom

Filed under: Replies to Critics

... posted on Students for Academic Freedom and in my Replies to Critics archive. ... · May 1, 12:00 AM

Lots of News to Begin a New Semester

... from myself and David Horowitz in our new "Replies to Critics" section ... · Jan 14, 10:43 AM

Indoctrination U: Interview With David Horowitz

Filed under: Press Coverage

... many of these libels as I have time to in "Replies to Critics," which can be found through the ... · Jun 11, 12:00 AM

Discounting the Facts

A rebuttal to Free Exchange's attack on The Professors.

On May 9, 2006, a group calling itself the coalition for Free Exchange on Campus released a 50-page "report" on David Horowitz's book, The Professors titled "Facts Count." As described by, "In 'Facts Count,' the debunking document being released today, Horowitz's book is slammed as 'sloppy in the extreme.' The analysis also says that the details included in the book suggest that Horowitz is not concerned with the students he says he is trying to protect, but is actually trying to punish professors whose views he doesn't like." · Jun 12, 08:17 AM

Discounting the Facts, Part III

By Jacob Laksin

Michael Berube

Mr. Horowitz claims that Professor Berube believes that "religious people were to be regarded simply as irrational." The only evidence Mr. Horowitz cites to back up this claim is this quote from Professor Berube: "In [my] class…we talk about what it means to be an anti-foundationalist-that is, one of those sane, secular people who believe that it's best to operate as if our moral and epistemological principles derive not from divine will or uniform moral law, but from ordinary social practices." (72) As Professor Berube points out, "the fact that most secularists are sane does not mean that people of faith are not."

Notwithstanding Professor Berube's objections, this is in fact the clear implication of his statement. · Jun 12, 08:17 AM

Academic Freedom: David Horowitz vs. Russell Jacoby

Filed under: Replies to Critics

UCLA Professor and publisher square off on the Academic Bill of Rights. · Jul 28, 08:00 PM

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